1919's The Miracle Man Poster

The Miracle Man (1932): Remaking a Silent Classic

Considered by contemporary critics as one of the greatest films ever made, George Loane Tucker’s 1919 film The Miracle Man has no surviving copies. I do some digging into the film’s two minutes of surviving footage and dissect the 1932 sound remake to decide to better understand the appeal of this lost silent classic.

My Favorite Silent Harold Lloyd Pictures

A personal favorite star of mine, Harold Lloyd stands as one of the definitive personalities of 1920s culture and film as an optimistic, happy-go-lucky middle-class hero. I rank his eleven feature-length 1920s silent films from favorite to most favorite.

Portrait of Harold Lloyd
John Gilbert, Constance Bennett, Loretta Young

Utahns in Classic Film

From talented auteurs like Frank Borzage to radiant stars like John Gilbert and Loretta Young, Utah has provided Hollywood with some of its top talent. I take a look at ten of the most popular and well-known actors, directors, and other behind-the-camera talent and recommend films that are easily accessible to view their work.

Lois Weber’s Hypocrites (1915)

Lois Weber started steadily gaining name recognition through directing short films like Suspense in the early 1910s. As the film industry moved towards making feature films, Weber established herself as one of the best directors in Hollywood alongside filmmakers like Cecil B. DeMille and D.W. Griffith. In this review, I look at Weber’s severely overlooked 1915 film Hypocrites.

Signed portrait of Lois Weber shown at the beginning of her 1915 film Hypocrites
The Winning of Barbara Worth

Intro to Silent Film Genres

Stretching from the first actualities of the 1890s to the studio epics of the late 1920s, silent movies boast thousands of films from every corner of the world in every possible genre. Often reduced by newcomers as either slapstick comedy or European arthouse, four decades of silent movies provide a little bit of something for everyone’s eclectic taste. Read my brief history of silent film and twenty-four viewing suggestions across twelve different genres for beginners and the life-long silent film fanatic.

The Sign of the Cross (1932)

Cecil B. DeMille, a personal favorite of mine, tackles a tale of early Christianity in Nero’s Rome in his 1932 Pre-Code epic. A truly energetic and sexually charged romp, DeMille brings to the screen two of his favorite things: Christain morals and sex appeal.

Frederic March and Claudette Colbert in The Sign of the Cross.
Monsieur Verdoux poster

Monsieur Verdoux: A Comedy of Murders (1947)

In his first film not playing a variation of his iconic Tramp, Chaplin delivers a scathing condemnation of modern society’s heartless economic and military systems. Despite its serious subject matter, Chapln’s dark humor always keeps the audience’s attention in a departure from his previous three decades of films. A message with a laugh indeed.

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