Linda Darnell and Tyrone Power sharing a wagon on the trail to the Salt Lake Valley

Brigham Young: Frontiersman (1940) – Hollywood’s Mormon Epic

When plucked by Daryl F. Zanuck from Paramount to helm the production of 1940’s Brigham Young, director Henry Hathaway initially told Zanuck that “the two dullest things are wagon trains and religion”. Despite Hathaway’s and others’ correct assertion that the project didn’t scream box …

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Mary Pickford leads her children over a swamp-infested crocidilles in Sparrows.

Sparrows (1926)—The Girl with the Golden Curls’ Curtain Call

Mary Pickford skyrocketed to international stardom in the 1910s playing plucky children in films such as Tess of the Storm Country and Fanchon the Cricket. Her popular juvenile image contrasted heavily with her position as one of the most powerful actors and producers in …

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