Harold Lloyd dangling from a building in Feet First.

The Third Genius Speaks: Ranking Harold Lloyd’s Sound Films

Of the three silent clowns, Lloyd’s sound career is the least discussed. Keaton’s MGM talkies stand as an example of Buster’s loss of creative and personal control and yet another example of MGM mishandling its comedic talent. Chaplin, after waiting a decade before diving into …

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A trench warfare scene in 1930's All Quiet on the Western Front

2023 Best Picture Nominees & Classic Film Double Features

This weekend’s 95th Academy Awards celebrates the best of 2022 films from big-budget blockbusters to small independent films. Even if the Academy in recent years has spent less time celebrating the classic films it rewarded in years past to cut down on the ceremony’s running time, …

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A Raisin in the Sun

Ten Great African American Classic Films

Anyone with experience watching classic films has undoubtedly been taken out of an otherwise engaging, entertaining viewing experience when a film swerves into a heavy dose of racism against African Americans. Even well-made and still remembered Hollywood films like The Lost World (1925), Swing Time

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