Faust on Film: Faust (1926) and The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941)

This review is part of The 2021 Classic Literature On Film Blogathon hosted by Silver Screen Classics. You can read the rest of the blogathon’s wonderful lineup at the blogathon’s main page here.

Legends become so enmeshed in the cultural consciousness that they appear in numerous forms and adaptations centuries after they are first created.…

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The Beginnings of Utah Film History: Mormon Exploitation Films

The state of Utah is best known for two things: snow and Mormons. While Utah’s snow has been a feature of the state since Lake Bonneville dried up millennia ago, Mormons didn’t reach the state until 1847, first settling on native Ute land by the Great Salt Lake and later spreading through the state and much of the Western United States.…

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Celebrating 125 Years of Utah and the Movies

On December 28, 1895, the inventors and photographers Louis and Auguste Lumiere ushered in the now ubiquitous art of projected film to a small, paying audience in the basement of the Grand Café in Lyons, France. One week later and an ocean away, President Grover Cleveland officially welcomed Utah as the 45th state of the United States of America on January 4, 1896.…

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2020 in Review

There aren’t very many things from 2020 I’d like to remember. That being said, I’ve had one of my more productive years in terms of expanding and diversifying my film knowledge. Whether in the first two months pre-Covid in a crowded theater, alone in my living room, or watching alongside others in a virtual format, here are some of the highlights from my film-watching last year:

In-Person Events: It’s hard to believe that I ever left my house this year but that was what life used to be like at the start of 2020.…

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Pordenone Silent Film Festival 2020 Thoughts

As a poor, young millennial on the verge of entering the full-time job market (if it still exists), I’ve never had the time or the money to attend any major film festivals. While earlier in the year I was planning on buying a short flight to volunteer at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, I would never have dreamed of being able to participate in Italy’s Pordenone Silent Film Festival.…

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