Early Utah Independent Filmmaking

This post is the second historical overview in my series Celebrating 125 Years of Utah and the Movies. For other historical overviews and reviews of films shot in Utah or made by Utahns, visit the series page here.

An advertisement for One Hundred Years of Mormonism, the greatest success of early Utah independent filmmaking and one of the earliest American feature-length films.…

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Six Films—Six Decades Blogathon

This post is part of Classic Film and TV cafe’s Six Films—Six Decades Blogathon for National Classic Movie Day. To view other blogger’s favorites from six decades of classic film, visit the blogathon’s main page here.

Anyone who has made a list before knows the labor of love required to whittle down dozens or hundreds of your favorites to select just a few.…

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Faust on Film: Faust (1926) and The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941)

This review is part of The 2021 Classic Literature On Film Blogathon hosted by Silver Screen Classics. You can read the rest of the blogathon’s wonderful lineup at the blogathon’s main page here.

Legends become so enmeshed in the cultural consciousness that they appear in numerous forms and adaptations centuries after they are first created.…

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